2012 Democratic Precinct Committee Candidates

These are all the candidates for Kootenai County's Democratic Central Committee.

The Democratic Central Committee is the governing branch of the Democrat Party in Kootenai County and consists of all elected and appointed precinct chairs and vice chairs. The committee meets at the Cold-well Banker Building on Northwest Blvd, Coeur d'Alene on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00p. These meetings are open to the public.

If you have a Democratic ballot, one of these individuals will be on your ballot if you are in their precinct. Even if the person on the ballot is running unopposed (and all Democrat precinct committee candidates are unopposed), they do deeply appreciate your vote.

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Precinct 4

Shirley McFaddan (won)

Precinct 5

Dan English (won)

Precinct 6

Dale R. Broadsword (won)

Precinct 7

Paula K. Neils (won)

Precinct 14

Mary M. Murdock (won)

Precinct 15

Philip A. Clements (won)

Precinct 16

Sheila Gary (won)

Precinct 19

Stephen D. Bruno (won)

Precinct 21

Everett L. Headrick (won)

Precinct 22

DeDe Karen Sines (won)

Precinct 31

Ronald K. Johnson (won)

Precinct 32

Patrick Lippert (won)

Precinct 41

Cheryl Ann Stransky (won)

Precinct 43

Betsy Bullard (won)

Precinct 45

Janet G. Callen (won)

Precinct 53

Barbara A. Harris (won)

Precinct 55

Cecil Kelly III (won)

Precinct 57

Lucas Cole (won)

Precinct 59

D. Justin StormoGipson (won)

Precinct 60

Stephen Moss (won)

Precinct 65

David Larsen (won)

Precinct 66

Jerry Shriner (won)

Precinct 69

Terri A. Capshaw (won)

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