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2014 Easter Egg Hunts (Sunday)

Sunday Easter Egg Hunts

Easter EggsPeace Lutheran Church - 10:00a
8134 N. Meyer Rd., Post Falls

Post Falls Church of the Nazarene - after the 10:00a service
308 W. 12th Ave., Post Falls

Trinity Lutheran Church - 10:00a
812 Fifth St.
Egg hunt at 10:00, and their youth group will serve breakfast.

First Presbyterian Church of Coeur d'Alene - at 10:15a
521 Lakeside Avenue

Shenanigans Toy Emporium - 10:15a to 12:30p
312 E. Sherman Ave. (In the park)
Games, popcorn, balloons, candy & prizes! An age-group egg hunt with staggered start times.
Ages 0-4, 10:15-10:30a
Ages 5-8, 11:15-11:30a
Ages 8-12, 12:15-12:30p

Unity Church of North Idaho - 12:30p
4465 N. 15th St.
More information at 208.664.1125

Coeur d'Alene Community Easter Egg Hunt - 1:00p
Coeur d'Alene City Park
The Coeur d'Alene community Easter Egg Hunt is organized by the North Idaho men's rugby team and will be held at 1 p.m. sharp at City Park. Attendees should show up early. The event will be divided into three age groups. There will be candy and prizes and the Easter bunny will greet kids.

View of the Lunar Eclipse over Coeur d'Alene

The weather cleared up in time for some great photos of the April 14-15, 2014 full lunar eclipse. Here is a compilation of photos over the course of the eclipse taken by 29k Productions. Did you get photos or video of the lunar eclipse last night? We'd love to see them!

April 2014 Lunar Eclipse over Coeur d'Alene Idaho -  photo by Stanley Drennan of 29k Productions

Tax Day Eclipse of the Moon visible from Coeur d'Alene

Lunar eclipses are fun to watch, and a great way to introduce kids to the way our solar system works. I remember being rousted out of bed by my mother to see my first eclipse, which was the October 1987 penumbral eclipse.

The upcoming lunar eclipse will be visible in Coeur d'Alene overnight on April 14-15, 2014. The penumbral eclipse will begin at 9:55p, which may be only subtly visible. The more visible ecipse will begin at 10:59p, reaching total lunar eclipse at 12:08a, when the moon will appear completely red, and this will last for more than an hour, ending at 1:23a on April 15. The moon will pass out of Earth's shadow completely at 3:36a. The moon will be at maximum eclipse, where it is closest to the center of Earth's shadow, at 12:46a.

Weather permitting, this eclipse will be visible in Coeur d'Alene from start to finish.

February 2008 Lunar Eclipse over Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Photography by 29k Productions, LLC
February 2008 Lunar Eclipse over Coeur d'Alene, ID - Photography by Stanley Drennan of 29k Productions

An easy way to demonstrate an eclipse to a classroom is to point a reading lamp toward a wall, away from the students and make it clear to them that their perspective is from space, not earth. Hold up a ball representing Earth so it casts a shadow against the wall, and then pass a ball representing the moon into the shadow cast by the earth ball.

There are also some excellent videos available online which both explain and demonstrate how eclipses work.

I found this video from MonkeySee offered the best explanation and animation, but embedding is disallowed.

Another video which explains the phenomenon well is this one from KidsKnowIt.

Missing Statue "Kate" Found

Kate - Riverstone Park Statue photography by 29k Productions, LCCKate, the bronze statue that went missing from Riverstone Park, will ride again. The bronze figure has been found after nearly two months. It was removed by vandals overnight between January 17-18, 2014 and found on Saturday March 8. The statue depicts Kate, a 1920s-era woman on a bicycle, followed by two dogs. All that remained after the theft was one of the dogs and the bicycle frame. One of the dogs and Kate herself had been removed.

The statue was found on vacant property by a Coeur d'Alene man, Randy Cayko, who was near the Yellowstone Trail on his dirt bike looking for antler sheds.

Initial speculation by Coeur d'Alene Recreation Director Steve Anthony was that since Kate weighs several hundred pounds, it was unlikely to just be a prank as it would have taken planning and effort to cut away and remove the statue.

The statue was found with a rope around her neck and had been dragged to the dumping location by means of a black scrapmetal skid. There is still speculation about whether the theft was a prank or the publicity about Kate's theft made the statue too "hot" to be sold for scrap.

In addition to the statue, the Kootenai County Sheriff's office reported finding a number of beer cans scattered about the same area, indicating that the location may have been used by local teens as a party place and further raising the possibility that it was a prank.

The City of Coeur d'Alene has asked Artist David Clemons to repair the statue and will re-install it in Riverstone Park with modifications to deter future theft. The city is also considering installing a surveillance camera in the park to monitor Kate.

Winter Storm Warning - March 2, 2014

After our brief reprieve from cold, snow and ice last week, followed by yet another blast of snow, the National Weather Service is warning of another winter storm moving in on the area overnight, expected to drop as much as seven inches of snow in town and up to 20" in the mountains.

Snow is expected to start falling measurably by 2:00 this afternoon and become heavy later in the afternoon and overnight. Snowfall should become lighter by 6:00a on Monday, changing over to light rainshowers between 8:00 and 9:00a. This will make for a slick morning commute.

Rain and freezing rain are predicted to continue through early Wednesday morning. This will help the snow on the roads to melt, but create a dangerous film of ice over the roadways if the temperature continues to dip below freezing overnight.

Further into the week, the temperature is expected to become more comfortable by standards for early March in Coeur d'Alene with highs in the mid-40s and lows near freezing. The average high temperature in early March is the high 40s, and there have been record highs close to 70o early in March. The record high temperature for the entire month of March in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho was 73o on March 30, 2004, while the record low temperature for March was 2o, set on March 11, 2009. (Note: This article previously stated that the record low temperature for March was -11o, set in 2009, however this was based on data from Weather Underground and not an official National Weather Service station. The article has been updated with the number from the National Weather Service.)

The full text of the Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service is below.

513 AM PST SUN MAR 2 2014