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AM Headlines -- 4.18.14

April 18, 2014 - 9:33am

Matt Bouldin, right, of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, steals the ball from Reno’s Walker Russell, Jr., during an NBA D-League first-round playoff game. Bouldin, a former Gonzaga Bulldog star, is one of the reasons the Mad Ants are playing so well in the D-League playoffs. Story here. (Associated Press photo)

Idaho Militia Recruits In Twin Falls

April 18, 2014 - 9:18am

An Idaho militia is searching for recruits in Twin Falls, asking for help to create a unit to defend the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions from “foreign and domestic enemies.” The Idaho Light Foot Militia sent an email blast to 36 potential Twin Falls members Wednesday. As of Thursday, however, no one had responded, said Craig Campbell, a member of Ada County’s Light Foot Militia. “There’s nobody in Twin Falls right now,” he said, declining to comment further. The militia is most active in North Idaho. It has 11 active units throughout the state and 13 “interested” units, according to a map attached to the email sent to potential members/Kimberlee Kruesi, Twin Falls Times News. More here. (SR file photo: A militiaman practices leap-frog assault tactics during a training session in North Idaho)

Question: Are you comforted that "the militia is most active in North Idaho"?

Record Store Day Set Saturday

April 18, 2014 - 9:09am

I have too many records. Most vinyl aficionados will probably tell you such a concept doesn’t exist, but when albums start stacking up precariously due to lack of shelf space, you’ve got a problem. That doesn’t stop me, however, from picking up a copy of a favorite album if the price is right, which becomes a dangerous proposition when a particular record store’s selection is top notch. That’s why Record Store Day is a godsend for analog junkies: It’s a great excuse to shell out more dough for wax (including some limited edition special releases), all of which supports local businesses. In anticipation of Record Store Day on Saturday, I hopped around to four Spokane record stores to check out their inventory and get the lowdown on their RSD festivities/Nathan Weinbender, SR Spokane7. More here.

Question: What was the last vinyl that you purchased?

Jeers To Ethically Challenged Denney

April 18, 2014 - 8:57am

In his weekly Cheers & Jeers column, Opinion Editor Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune Jeers former House Speaker Lawerence (Boss) Denney, R-Midvale. The most ethically challenged Idaho politician of our time has the temerity to cast aspersions on the man he wants to succeed as secretary of state: Ben Ysursa. Among four Republicans seeking the job, Denney's peeved that the incumbent lent his support to chief deputy Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane. Foul, cried Denney. As the state's chief elections officer, Ysursa should stay neutral. He'd never do such a thing, Denney said. Oh, please. Ysursa broke no precedent. His immediate predecessor, Pete T. Cenarrusa, endorsed Ysursa in 2002. Leave it to Denney to heap hypocrisy to the steaming mound of political misdeeds that constitute his sorry record. Full Cheers & Jeers column here.


Letter: Local GOP Should Open Books

April 18, 2014 - 8:54am

In a letter to the Coeur d'Alene Press editor, Dave Sheldon of Hayden writes: "I’d like to respond to Kellie Palm’s My Turn column of April 11: I totally agree with accountability and documentation of every penny received, as well as every penny spent. That’s a common sense business practice, and a monthly or quarterly detailed financial report should be prepared and distributed to all members of the KCRCC. We have more than enough garbage going on in Washington with ‘crony spending’ and lack of transparency. It’s time to vote these people out of their positions, beginning at the top. Spending of donated dollars may be completely above board, but the perception is that all is not as it should be. Otherwise, why the resistance to have accountability and transparency? More here.


Standing Up To GOP Loyalty Oath

April 18, 2014 - 8:37am

In his weekly Cheers & Jeers column, Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune Cheers ... state Sen. Dan Johnson, R-Lewiston. Alone among north central Idaho Republicans seeking election to the state Legislature, he has stood up to the GOP's loyalty oath. Republican apparatchiks insist that candidates swear fealty to the party platform, even with these warts:

  • Eliminating your right to elect your own U.S. senator, handing that power back to state legislators.
  • Throwing the economy into chaos by eliminating the Federal Reserve.
  • Empowering self-serving politicians to gerrymander their legislative and congressional districts.
  • Closing the GOP primary to anyone who is not a card-carrying Republican .
  • Violating Idaho's Constitution by allowing tax dollars to flow to private and religious schools through tax credits.

Among those who endorsed every wacky idea in that document were Rep. Thyra Stevenson, R-Lewiston, Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, Rep. Paul Shepherd, R-Riggin, Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, and her primary election opponent, Shauna Hillman of Wallace. Full Cheers & Jeers column here.

Question: Anyone have a list of North Idaho Republican candidates who have signed the Idaho GOP loyalty oath?

Launch Open, New Pavement Coming

April 18, 2014 - 8:24am

Coeur d'Alene Today provides an illustration of the proposed changes to the Third Street boat launch.

Despite all the work on the west end of McEuen Park, the boat launch has remained open. City street crews will soon begin removing asphalt from the area leading to the ramp, but the facility will not be closed during demolition. After new curb is installed, the ramp may be closed temporarily while new asphalt is put down. Coeur d’Alene street superintendent Tim Martin said he will work with his crews to keep the launch at least partially open during paving. If complete closure is necessary, Martin said it would like be brief and attempts will be made to notify the public.

Question: How often do you use the Third Street boat launch?

Evangelicalism Shouldn't Close Hearts

April 18, 2014 - 8:17am

If you think you understand “the” evangelical Christian perspective on gay marriage, you might want to read a letter Julia Stronks wrote and hundreds of people signed. Stronks, a political science professor at Whitworth University, was disappointed last month when World Vision, the Christian international charity based in Seattle, retreated from a new, welcoming attitude toward hiring married, gay Christians. World Vision first announced it would hire such couples – and then reversed course immediately, after an outpouring of complaints. Some 10,000 child sponsorships were withdrawn. Helping impoverished children loses its charitable luster, apparently, if some of a charity’s gay employees are married. Stronks, an evangelical Christian who was elated by the initial announcement, went from exhilaration to dismay. “I was crushed,” she said/Shawn Vestal, SR. More here.


SR: Shea Wrong To Back Bundy

April 18, 2014 - 8:13am

Voters in Legislative District 4 should be concerned that Rep. Matt Shea, pictured, would venture off to Nevada to support a scofflaw engaged in a dangerous standoff. Defiant rancher Cliven Bundy’s protest against paying grazing fees has become a cause celebre among people, like Shea, who believe the states can nullify federal laws they believe to be unconstitutional. This doctrine of nullification has been drubbed in the courts. In any event, the state of Nevada isn’t protesting grazing fees, so a passel of officeholders with fringe views on the Constitution have descended on the Bundy ranch to say, “See! This is what we mean!” You’ll have to pardon the law-abiding among us if we’re not persuaded by Bundy’s act of armed disobedience. He looks more like a freeloader when compared to ranchers who pay to feed their livestock/Spokesman-Review Editorial Board. More here.

DFO: Shea will be one of four Inland Northwest legislators speaking at a 2nd Amendment rally of the Oath Keepers at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds at noon Saturday. Others will be state Sens. Steve Vick, Dalton Gardens, and Bob Nonini, Coeur d'Alene, and state Rep. Vito Barbieri.

Question: Do you think this is a good question to ask at a candidates' forum this spring: Do you support Cliven Bundy's stand against the federal government?

Wage Gap

April 18, 2014 - 8:11am

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Wild Card/Thursday -- 4.17.14

April 17, 2014 - 5:37pm

Sports scribe Greg Lee & I performed a good deed as new denizens of the SR building Wednesday morning. After a colleague noticed that a car had stalled in the parking lot, we went out, helped push her to a parking spot, and then gave her dead battery a jump. Greg told her to make a bee-line to Les Scwab's afterward. If we'd still been on the 2nd floor, we wouldn't have noticed the problem. I wonder if Huckleberries should add road-side service to its list of duties performed online and slightly offline? Here's today's Wild Card ...

Parting Shot -- 4.17.14

April 17, 2014 - 5:34pm

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Marc Fucarile and his bride, Jennifer Regan, leave after their wedding ceremony at Fenway Park in Boston today. Fucarile, a 35-year-old roofer, lost his right leg from above the knee in the bombing. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Also: Check in comments section to see photo of Marc Fucarile in hospital a year ago.

Top Post: Repeal 17th Amendment

April 17, 2014 - 5:23pm

Top commented story today:

JTyler (RE: Fulcher OK with 17th Amendment repeal): Ok, I am not afraid. The term "Statesmen" was derived from the original Senators appointed by state legislators. That process set by the founding fathers worked well for over one hundred and a quarter years UNTIL under Woodrow Wilson and his progressive ideology he was able in 1913 to get an Amendment for; Income Tax, a Federal Reserve and changing of the checks and balances provided by State selection of Senators (17th Amendment) passed with the help of a liberal news media ( William Randolph Hearst). Sound familiar? Personally I will always side with our brilliant Founders before Woodrow Wilson. Now which side are you on?

DFO: I can think of several items that the founders had wrong -- allowing slavery, denying women the right to vote, etc.

Question: I stand by my premise that the USA would never allow the repeal of the 17th Amendment. So why do some individuals get worked up that it has a snowball's chance of being repealed someday?

PM Scanner Traffic -- 4.17.14

April 17, 2014 - 5:08pm
  • 5:36 p.m. A male is having a seizure in a laundry room @ Stinson Loop/Crusader, Hayden.
  • 5:17 p.m. Coeur d'Alene mother calls off ambulance response b/c baby no longer choking.
  • 5:05 p.m. Coeur d'Alene Police Department activities report for April 16-17 here.
  • 4:43 p.m. Beaverhead (Mont.) County sheriff alerts KCSD that violent man w/2 warrants may be at father's Athol home.
  • 4:42 p.m. 80YO female has suffered cut above eye in fall on face in Post Falls WalMart East parking lot.
  • 4:28 p.m. Possible illegal burn occurring in lower parking lot of Nettleton Gulch, about 4200 block.
  • 4:05 p.m. CPD officer requests agency assist for situation @ 3100 block of N17th/CdA.
  • 10 more items + AM Scanner Traffic link below

PM Headlines -- 4.17.14

April 17, 2014 - 4:59pm

Workshop leaders Matt Roetter and Sandy Patano respond to a question from the audience of about 60 candidates for Kootenai County Republican Central Committee precinct committeemen today. Roetter and Patano were giving the candidates tips on how to campaign effectively. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

Write-In Manthey Targets Handeen

April 17, 2014 - 4:42pm

Susan Manthey, a mother of three, has filed as a write-in candidate for the Precinct 52 committeeman post now held by Bjorn Handeen. Above, she chats with former legislative candidate Mark Fisher, who is running for Precinct 6 committeeman against former Kootenai County Republican Central Committee chairman Tina Jacobson. The two participated in a workshop today that provided tips re: how to run for precinct committeeman. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

  • Also: You can read Susan Manthey's campaign flyer by going to comments section under this post.

GOPrecinct Wannabes Get Tips

April 17, 2014 - 4:26pm

A room full of candidates for GOPrecinct committeemen gathered at an undisclosed location during the lunch hour today, to learn how to run for their positions. Here, Hank Martin shows off a new yard sign for his race against Ruthie Johnson in Precinct 16. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

  • Also: You can view a photo of Hank Martin in the comments section under this post.

Officer Warns Parents Of Parties

April 17, 2014 - 3:43pm

KCres: An email has just been sent out by the CHS SRO warning of upcoming parties that include underage alcohol consumption and other drug use. I don't recall seeing such an email in previous years, so I'm not sure if things are expected to be worse this year or if this is a new approach by law enforcement.

Also: Copy of CPDetective Jon Spranget's letter to CHS, junior high parents here.

Question: How would you discourage your child from attending a party where there will be under-aged drinking?

Blog: Shea's Wrong, Bundy No Hero

April 17, 2014 - 3:21pm

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea has ridden out of his Spokane Valley district on his white horse to save us from the overpowering federal government as he stands in lock-step with a Nevada rancher who's stolen more than $1 million in grazing favors from public land. Whom will Shea stand up for next? The guy who says he has a Constitutional right to rob the Post Office? Shea says he was compelled to back Cliven Bundy as he joined Rep. Dave Taylor for a trip to the Bundy Ranch. As Taylor put it,“If we don’t stand up for our neighbors, there won’t be anybody left when they come for us”/Rich Landers, Outdoors blog. More here.


HBO Blogsophere -- 4.17.14

April 17, 2014 - 3:10pm

In posting the front cover of Time magazine, featuring Lee Iococca, on this date 40 years ago, Paul Turner/Slice blog asks: "Did anyone on your block own a Mustang?" (Illustration:

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