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Parting Shot: Cda Sunset

June 15, 2015 - 5:00pm

I adore sunsets. Sunrise? Not so much.

Monday Wild Card 6.15.15

June 15, 2015 - 4:40pm

And. Now it's Monday.

Here's your Wild Card.

New 4x4 park opened Sunday

June 15, 2015 - 4:30pm

"In the middle is where the glory hole will be," Bryngelson said Friday. "Which is where basically almost nobody can get out of - everybody gets stuck in it. You have to have some pretty good monster trucks to get out of that."

Her goal is to make the mud pit the biggest in the Northwest.

"It's a work in progress," she said. More here.David Cole, Cda Press

Is this something that you'd like to check out?

How does your garden grow?

June 15, 2015 - 4:00pm

This is "our" first garden in out 29 years of marriage. And in true Hval fashion, my spouse is already planning to expand.

Right now we're enjoying fresh spinach, romain and the tastiest cilantro I've ever eaten. Several kinds of tomatoes are coming on strong and the zuchinni is flowering. Yum!

Do you garden?

Pride of Post Falls

June 15, 2015 - 3:30pm

The "Pride of Post Falls" nose art on the plane depicts the state in blue, waterfalls, a star where Post Falls is located and the year 1871, which is when German immigrant Frederick Post constructed a lumber mill along the Spokane River.

"Often we think of the individual sacrifice that comes with serving one's country and state," said Col. Timothy Donnellan, 124th Fighter Wing commander, "but the burden easily overlooked is the one left here at home in communities, businesses and families across the nation in times of the service member's absence. All are left to function minus a key member and it takes a community coming together to ensure things stay on track." Full story. Brian Walker, CdaPress

All hands on tech

June 15, 2015 - 3:00pm

“There’s real tension between convenience and security,” Shadel said during the annual gathering where AARP Washington released a new report showing nearly half of Washington Internet users failed a recent quiz about online and Internet safety.

Some of the top offenses are banking online or buying items with a credit card while using public Wi-Fi networks. Read more.

Littering Tubbs Hill Redux

June 15, 2015 - 2:30pm

What can be done to curb this disgusting behavior?

Dolezal sued Howard University for discrimination

June 15, 2015 - 1:55pm

Dolezal, then known as Rachel Moore, named the university and Professor Alfred Smith as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C.’s Superior Court. During the pendency of the civil case, Smith was chairman of Howard’s Department of Art.

According to a Court of Appeals opinion, Dolezal's lawsuit “claimed discrimination based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender.” She alleged that Smith and other school officials improperly blocked her appointment to a teaching assistant post, rejected her application for a post-graduate instructorship, and denied her scholarship aid while she was a student.

The court opinion also noted that Dolezal claimed that the university’s decision to remove some of her artworks from a February 2001 student exhibition was “motivated by a discriminatory purpose to favor African-American students over” her. Full story here. TheSmokingGun

IFF: Farmers will pay dearly for government sins

June 15, 2015 - 1:29pm

Why does a state error decades in the making have to be rectified in short order and at great expense to individuals?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of property taxes at all. I believe that property taxes make true ownership impossible because you are always at risk of having your property seized by the state if you fail to pay them sufficient protection money rent. Laying that moral objection aside for a moment though, how much worse is it for the state to—after decades of negligence—suddenly decide that property owners need to pay for the state’s mistakes? More here. Parrish Miller, IFF

Magic Valley Republicans vying for Cameron's seat

June 15, 2015 - 1:04pm

Among those expressing interest: Rupert City Administrator Kelly Anthon; Clay Handy, a former Cassia County commissioner and owner of a trucking company; John Stokes, who co-owns several grocery stores; Wayne Hurst, a farmer from Burley and former president of the National Association of Wheat Growers; Wayne Schenk, a farmer from Rupert; Bruce Burtenshaw, the former owner of Kodiak America; Harold Mohlman, of Rupert, who unsuccessfully challenged Cameron in 2010 in the primary; and Charlie Creason of Rupert, who was president and CEO of Project Mutual Telephone for 23 years.

Brown reports that Doug Pickett, a rancher and Cassia County GOP chairman who ran for the seat in 2012 and for the state Republican chairmanship last year, also is weighing whether to apply. The GOP committee for the legislative district is scheduled to meet Friday night to recommend three nominees for the post to Gov. Butch Otter; Brown’s full report is online here. Betsy Russell, EOB

A more civil, but still entitled Idaho GOP

June 15, 2015 - 12:34pm

Civility, however, does not mask a pair of disturbing votes.

First was the party’s decision to stick with its closed primary in 2016. That would mark the third election cycle in which voting in Idaho’s real election — the one that handles the all-important GOP nomination — is limited only to those willing to publicly affiliate with the Republican Party.

Closing the primary has had the desired result — driving out independents, casual voters and those who simply don’t or can’t register as a partisan — from the primary election.

Ever since, the share of the voting-age population involved in primary elections has fallen below 17 percent and sometimes as low as 16.1 percent. Full story. Idaho Statesman


Read more here:

I thought I was in Idaho

June 15, 2015 - 12:00pm

My husband assured us the gun most likely wasn't operational.

Yeah. Most likely.


WA Post: The Damage Dolezal Has Done

June 15, 2015 - 11:30am

Her years of deception came to an end after her inability to answer a simple question at the end of an interview with KXLY television reporter Jeff Humphrey. “Are you an African American?” he asked. After a long, blinkless and blank stare, Dolezal said, “I don’t understand the question.”

Chil’, please!

Dolezal most definitely understood the question, which is why she took flight 16 seconds after Humphrey’s query. She posted a picture of herself last January with a black man on her Facebook page who she claimed was her father. And she checked “African American” and all the other race choices on an application for a public position in Spokane. Those turned out to be two loose threads that quickly unraveled once pulled by Humphrey and Dolezal’s own white parents. Full story. Jonathon Capeheart, Washington Post

Domestic violence in Idaho

June 15, 2015 - 11:00am

"The demand for services has always been high and continues to be high,” Kelly Miller, Executive Director of Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, told Boise Weekly.

The report, titled "Domestic Violence Counts 2014," indicates 189 victims of domestic violence found some form of refuge at emergency shelters or transitional housing and 325 received non-residential services from counseling, legal advocacy, children’s support groups or other programs.

The analysis also points to what it calls Idaho's failure to shore up domestic violence services. Full story. Micah Drew, Boise Weekly

Idaho per-pupil spending still below '06 level

June 15, 2015 - 10:23am

Nancy Landon, administrator of budget and finance for the Boise School District, told the Statesman, “Nobody listens about inflation or consumer price index or anything like that. That is why you are seeing those huge increases in those supplemental levies. They had to go somewhere else to get the revenue.”

Roberts’ full report is online here. He reports that state general fund appropriations for K-12 public schools have been rising since 2012-13, but are still below pre-2009 levels when adjusted for inflation, and that’s before accounting for enrollment growth. Read more. Betsy Russell, EOB


Cell phone battery explosion starts Post Falls fire

June 15, 2015 - 10:00am

The battery exploded when the contacts touched the contacts on the battery. She said the explosion set a chair and curtains on fire.

Officials said the fire quickly spread throughout the apartment and into neighboring apartments. Fire crews evacuated all neighboring apartments.

Authorities said everyone living in the apartments got out safely except for a cat.

Fire crews said three of the five apartments suffered fire damage and one suffered smoke damage.  KREM2

The Cda Press reports a cat perished in the blaze :-(

Dolezal posts resignation on Spokane NAACP Facebook page

June 15, 2015 - 9:05am

I have waited in deference while others expressed their feelings, beliefs, confusions and even conclusions - absent the full story. I am consistently committed to empowering marginalized voices and believe that many individuals have been heard in the last hours and days that would not otherwise have had a platform to weigh in on this important discussion. Additionally, I have always deferred to the state and national NAACP leadership and offer my sincere gratitude for their unwavering support of my leadership through this unexpected firestorm.

While challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness, we can NOT afford to lose sight of the five Game Changers (Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Health & Healthcare, Education, Economic Sustainability, and Voting Rights & Political Representation) that affect millions, often with a life or death outcome. The movement is larger than a moment in time or a single person's story, and I hope that everyone offers their robust support of the Journey for Justice campaign that the NAACP launches today!

I am delighted that so many organizations and individuals have supported and collaborated with the Spokane NAACP under my leadership to grow this branch into one of the healthiest in the nation in 5 short months. In the eye of this current storm, I can see that a separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the NAACP.

It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the Presidency and pass the baton to my Vice President, Naima Quarles-Burnley. It is my hope that by securing a beautiful office for the organization in the heart of downtown, bringing the local branch into financial compliance, catalyzing committees to do strategic work in the five Game Changer issues, launching community forums, putting the membership on a fast climb, and helping many individuals find the legal, financial and practical support needed to fight race-based discrimination, I have positioned the Spokane NAACP to buttress this transition.

Please know I will never stop fighting for human rights and will do everything in my power to help and assist, whether it means stepping up or stepping down, because this is not about me. It's about justice. This is not me quitting; this is a continuum. It's about moving the cause of human rights and the Black Liberation Movement along the continuum from Resistance to Chattel Slavery to Abolition to Defiance of Jim Crow to the building of Black Wall Street to the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement to the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement and into a future of self-determination and empowerment.

With much love and a commitment to always fight for what is right and good in this world,

Rachel Dolezal

Breaking: Dolezal stepping down as NAACP Spokane president

June 15, 2015 - 8:56am

“This is a peaceful demonstration statement that is not about us but delivering a unified message that integrity matters,” said Kitara McClure, the former multicultural director at Spokane Community College and a member of the NAACP

Demonstrators are expected at 35 W. Main St. between 5 and 6 p.m.

Dolezal, elected president of the local NAACP chapter about seven months ago, was expected at the organization’s monthly members meeting tonight to address the recent disclosure by her parents and other family members that she has falsely portrayed herself as black for years.

But Dolezal sent chapter members an email Sunday saying, “Due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders, tomorrow’s meeting is postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.”

In response, chapter member Justin Pimsanguan sent an email to members saying the chapter has business to conduct apart from Dolezal’s troubles. More here.


Noxious weeds spread in Idaho

June 15, 2015 - 8:30am

You can lose habitat to weeds as fast as you can to fire,” said Terry Thomas, regional habitat manager for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Upper Snake Region. “At least with a fire, you often get some benefits. When you lose 1,000 acres to weeds there is no benefit. It’s just a pain.”

While exact numbers for the spread in Idaho aren’t available, experts say noxious weeds are one of the biggest contributors to the loss of wildlife habitat. According to the Idaho Department of Agriculture, noxious weeds cost the state $300 million a year through eradication efforts and loss of resources.



Boyington statue dedicated

June 15, 2015 - 8:15am

The famed Marine fighter pilot, born in Coeur d’Alene in 1912, led the Black Sheep Squadron in World War II. He downed 26 enemy planes before he was captured by the Japanese and spent 20 months in a prisoner-of-war camp. Boyington received the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. He died in 1988.

“What he was able to achieve in combat and aviation with his leadership was legendary,” said Kevin Gonzalez with Marine Corps League Detachment 966.

Boyington’s son, Greg Boyington Jr. of Oakland, California, planned to attend Saturday’s ceremony outside Resort Aviation. More here. Scott Maben, SR